Project of a country house in the village of Dubtsy


Project of a country house in the village of Dubtsy

Moscow region,  2023

Total area – 258,5м²

The  site has the an elongated shape  with a narrowed center and an extremely limited width (10-12m). Moreover, the neighboring houses are located as densely as possible. Due to this fact, it is impossible to use the part of the site located in the zone of neighbors’ influence in a comfortable way. Taking into account the input data, the project provides for the allocation of uncomfortable for street use area and use it for housing purposes. All the utility, technical, household and sanitary facilities are located on the first floor with small window openings. This limits the interaction to the outside and the space is used inside the house. The bedrooms are located on the second floor of the main volume so the windows are facing south-east and north-west, which also minimizes the visibility from the neighbors.

At the same time, there is the main positive axis of the building, which accentuates and shapes the picturesque view of the valley that opens from the southeastern side of the site. This visual axis is formed at the entrance to the site and runs through the house. Concentrated along the main axis, the kitchen-living room, the main public space of the house, completes the movement. Kitchen-living room space is isolated in a separate volume. It is one-storey room with a fireplace, with a gable roof and wooden trusses. It is the key place of the house, setting the atmosphere of countryside measured life.  The volume is attached to the house from the south and is located out of the action of the neighboring buildings. Its windows are placed so that only nature can be seen through them. In contrast to the entrance to this part of the house one can feel the maximum connection with nature distance from the urban rush.

The materials used in finishing have a natural texture. Natural rubble stone and wood complete the picturesque natural landscape. The stylistics of the alpine chalet supports the general stylistics of the neighboring houses, which are superior in mass. The project seeks to create a sense of stability and calm, as if it has been here for a long time.

With the participation of Vitaly Afonin