The architectural studio TWO DA  founded in 2015


Valeria Isakova | CEO, Architect

Maria Kurkova | Chief Architect

Activity: we develop and implement the projects of low-rise residential buildings, public and private interiors, landscaping.

How we work: we do the work all-in, develop all the required project stages and handle the project from the concept to the implementation. We are professionals who are trusted.

Our client: aims for the harmony in space just as we do, values elegance and beauty of clear forms, wants to get a unique design that meets his or her personal requirements and the very high professional requirements, and is ready for non-standard solutions.

Our mission: Complementing artistic vision with practical experience, to design for each person a harmonious space that meets their needs.


—  Comprehensive interior design from 80 euro/m²

—  Comprehensive architecture project from 70 euro/m²

—  Author’s supervision from 1000 euro/month

—  Landscape design from 150 euro/10×10 m