Country house outside of Zvenigorod


Country house outside of Zvenigorod

Moscow region,  2020

Total area – 228,5м²

This house is a modern interpretation of a Finnish country house. The house is meant to be used year round by a large family, who will meet friends there and rest during summer outside the big city. The client’s request was for a one-story house having as much contact with the site as possible. No staircases, no detachment from the plot – everything should stand on the ground as much as possible. It was important for the owners to feel as one with the nature at all times as opposed to living in a high-rise urban environment.

A large common living-dining area with stained-glass windows at the sides going from top to the bottom became the heart of the house. The stained-glass windows face two opposing sides of the site and provide non-breakable connection of the interior with the outside environment. A roundabout terrace going around the building increases the connection. Master and guest bedrooms arranged at the sides of the common area go out into the yard through their separate exits, which became possible thanks to door-to-ceiling windows. All the bedrooms are isolated from each other and have their separate bathrooms and wardrobes, so each bedroom can be considered an independent living unit.

Visible wooden structures, large light spaces, low-angle soft lines of the roof – everything from the layout to finishes plays towards calm orderly country life.

3D visualization – Ekaterina Kesler