Apartment interior in Yeysk


Apartment interior in Yeysk

Yeysk,  2021

Total area – 122м²

The apartment in a seaside resort town of Yeysk is owned by a family with two primary school chilrdren. The main challenge of the project was to create a comfortable layout. The location of internal load-bearing walls made by the builder made it difficult for us to do something – the central axis of the apartment was used by a wide and dark corridor with little function, but occupying a large portion of valuable area. None the less, we managed to solve the task. After we got all the approvals from all the required authorities, we have made an opening in the load-bearing wall of the corridor and put a lounge area there. We used the remaining space of the corridor for a bathroom and a laundry. Thus, we managed to get rid of the corridor system and at the same time to increase common areas, so that they would accommodate all the members of the family together.

The owners asked for a classic interior, but with a reference to stylish oriental luxury. The clients love to spend their vacation in the UAE and feel they like their aesthetic. Kids had their own assignments as to their rooms and we had to accommodate their needs. That said, it was important not to spend too much, as the apartment was intended to be used for a few years and be sold afterwards.

To put all the wishes together, we chose the French style with its visual lightness, charming carelessness and the use of elements from different styles and periods.

3D visualization – Ekaterina Kesler