Apartment for rent in Headliner residential complex


Apartment for rent in Headliner residential complex

Moscow,  2023

Total area – 65м²

Photos – Roman Mokrov

This apartment is located in the business district of Moscow in the Headliner residential complex and was designed for rental purposes. The interior is designed in a minimalist style with the use of natural materials and soft muted tones, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The living room, combined with the kitchen, creates a spacious and bright area. The windows occupy a large part of the walls and allow for maximum use of natural light. Light curtains around the windows create a soft lighting effect.

In the bedrooms, designed in darker tones, a calm and relaxing atmosphere is created, ideal for night-time rest, and panoramic windows provide an opportunity to enjoy views of the city landscape during the day.

The main idea behind the design of this apartment was to make it universal and practical for the majority of potential renters, while avoiding the blandness and sterility typical of most rental apartments.

Overall, the apartment boasts a harmonious and balanced design that combines functionality, elegance, and comfort, and corresponds to the general lifestyle aesthetics of this Moscow district.