An apartment on Malaya Bronnaya


An apartment on Malaya Bronnaya

Moscow,  2022

Total area – 210м²

The apartment is located in a house built in 1903 on Malaya Bronnaya street. To be precise, it was two apartments joined together. One, of 70 sqm, was owned by the family for quite a while and was used by the daughter of the family, a student of Moscow Architectural Institute at that time. The second – adjoining – apartment was bought before the renovation and it was decided to join them together and change the function. Now the apartment had to become an additional place for the whole family to stay together in the center of Moscow (the family permanently lives in a country house), as well as a place to host home concerts, music parties and meetings with friends.

The joint apartments got a huge advantage – a large hall with many windows and without any load-bearing elements inside. For an old apartment, it is a catch. We suggested to use it and not to separate the space. Besides, it let house a large number of guests when parties are held. The idea of the layout was that common space windows face Malaya Bronnaya – a noisy dynamic Moscow street with bars and restaurants on the first floor, while all the bedrooms face the yard.

The entry was addressed in a non-standard way. As the first thing you see right after you enter the flat is a common hall area, we did not want to separate the entry room with walls, that is why we incorporated “the cube” into the hall. “The cube” is a separate object, a room within a room. The inside of the cube is a spacious wardrobe, and from the outside the cube’s sides work towards the room they face – a fireplace in the living room, a glass cabinet in the dining-room, a changing area in the entry. Having such rich functionality, the volume below the ceiling looks light and elegant.

Comfort without compromise and luxury, elegance and accuracy of every detail – these were the feelings we were going for. Every detail is thought-through, as if wrapping its users with comfort. Climate control, energy efficient windows that filter the incoming air, professionally planned lighting with a lot of use scenarios and as comfortable for the eyes as possible, and many other layers create high quality interior.

Photos – Mikhail Loskutov

Interior styling – Tatiana Gedike